Owner financing with help from the seller

Most homeowners prefer using mortgages to finance their homes. However, it is also possible to use owner financing. With guidelines and a little help, this can be a viable option for anyone, and it is popular with many local real estate companies. In this case, the landowner will act as a bank and gives you flexible regular payments until you are done paying for the land. The land in question will serve as collateral. 

There are different ways of financing land in Colorado, and buyers can purchase land in various ways with a real estate company’s help. Any buyer can get financing in many ways to help them acquire the piece of land they so desire. 

Benefits of Owner financing for the buyer

The buyer of the land can enjoy several benefits when choosing to use owner financing to pay for the land.

  • No or little qualifications

To get loans for land in Colorado, most lenders will take you through a rigorous process before they can qualify you for any financing. With owner financing, you do not need to go through stringent procedures to be eligible for the funding. 

  • Flexible Down payments

With a little help from the real estate company, you can negotiate the down payment to be more affordable for you. The seller can agree to a regular lump sum payment towards the land if the down payment is large.

  • Personalized payments

Unlike many other loans, the seller and the buyer can choose a repayment alternative that best suits them. It is possible to adjust the interest rates or even keep it at the same rate for loan repayment. You can sit down with the seller and customize a payment plan that will work well for both of you. 

  • Faster property procession

The transaction is much simpler and faster when you use owner financing, which means you will process the land faster. The buyer will close faster because they will be waiting for the funding from any other institution. There will not be any processing fees and any additional fees that most financing institutions require before they can give you a loan.